September 2020

Saturday, September 12, 2020

How to Increase the twitter followers instantly free

 This tutorial is all about making a twitter bot using Javascript / NodeJS. Which helps you to retweet certain hashtags with a like button. It helps you to gain the followers or increase the follower to your twitter account. But yes, it will not increase all of sudden, you will get to know the result, after 2 weeks. 

How to gain twitter followers
How to gain twitter followers

The below topics are covered this is a blog - 

1) How to increase twitter followers?

2) How to Gain Twitter followers?

3) How to get twitter free unlimited retweet?

4) Free twitter followers

5) How to gain followers on twitter organically?

6) How to increase real twitter followers?

7) Serverless Hosting

8) Serverless Deployment

9) Making a twitter bot with Javascript

10) Making twitter bot with NodeJS

11) AWS Lambda deployment

At first, you have to apply for a twitter developer account. If you haven't applied yet. It will take 2-3 days to activate your twitter developer account. Once its got activated - 

Twitter Developer Account

 You will get your consumer keys and Authentication tokens. You need to grab your keys and token and paste it inside the config details -> default.json file.

Twitter Bot with Javascript

Then do, npm install, then run handler.js. By saying node handler.js. 

Code Level access, I am providing the Github link - you can clone it from there itself. If you like my article please follow me on my GitHub, If you are having any doubts - watch my youtube video. 

GitHub -

AWS Lambda -  Once My code is ready, then I am deploying this javascript function as a lambda from AWS, and triggered each and every 2 hours. Why as a Lambda? Because - AWS Lambda is a serverless concept. There is no downtime. Also, I don't have to pay any extra amount to AWS. I only pay, what I consume. For me, it's very cheap, monthly 0.15 dollars. Or less. More details watch my youtube video, below - 

Youtube Video -